a quiet family easter

April 17, 2017

most of our holidays are filled with family, friends and gatherings. this year, we decided to start our easter long weekend off with a little escape to vancouver, just the four of us. it set the perfect tone for the weekend and we kept things pretty simple when we returned home.

peace and quiet over the holidays is so rare, but on reflection was just what we were craving. we still managed to squeeze in a little easter egg hunt with the girls, did a little baking, and saw both sets of grandparents, but none of it felt strained which was so pleasant.

i guess the key here for us is to work towards keeping our expectations low each holiday, so when the moments happen, they can truly be enjoyed, instead of waiting for those perfectly planned moments to happen.

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  • Reply Ana Free November 2, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    This is so cute <3 You guys are such a beautiful family!

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