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traditions & a ‘cranberry spiced nuts recipe’
it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone how much i love traditions. i get so much joy out of them. i’ve always loved christmas, but once i became a mom, the rituals we
maple hot apple cider
maple hot apple cider recipe
home-made hot apple cider this time of year is a must. i’m not the biggest fan of the store bought ones as i normally find them far too sweet. so i normally make a
avocado banana popsicles
i haven’t been that motivated in the kitchen lately. the weather has been so warm this summer, that we’ve preferred spending most of our waking hours outdoors. but making popsicles is one thing we can
a hearty thai quinoa salad
i’m so excited to finally be writing a post on this salad! I feel like a ‘salad pusher’ when it comes to this recipe. i am constantly recommending it to my friends and family. it’s
school birthday squares
i remember the very first time i made this recipe. it was three years ago and it was lauren’s very first year in pre-school. we were asked by her school to bring in a