Putting Our Mark On Our New Home

April 19, 2019

Raising a family and building a home is no small feat. We are working with an incredible team of professionals, which has been a godsend. As much as we enjoy the creative process of building, it feels like our life has been put on hold these past few years. We are now getting close to the end, after what feels like a long, drawn out chapter in our lives, and we’re beyond excited!

We bought our lot in January 2018, and started the plans right away. It took us just under a year to develop the plans with our architect and to get approval from our municipality. Construction started in October and we are hoping to move in this summer. Overall the entire process will be taking us just under two years. That is if you don’t take into consideration the three years it took to find a lot to build on in the first place. 😉

This will be our second family home that we’ve built together, and as much as we enjoy many parts of the process, it does come with its challenges. Unless you have an unlimited budget and a huge lot to work with, building a new home is all about give and take. This has been one of my biggest lessons. I had a few items on my wish list that we weren’t able to achieve. This was hard to accept. But there were bylaws that we had to adhere to, so it forced us to get creative and to let go of a few items that we wanted.

We’ve tried to involve the girls as much as possible in the building process. They really miss our old home, so we’ve been constantly trying to pump them up and get them as excited as we are. We had so many wonderful memories in our last home, and there was so much comfort there, so I think they miss that the most out of anything.

I always imagined us putting our stamp on our home in some way. I originally had some creative ideas like doing a wall mural, but that takes a lot of planning… today happened spontaneously. These are the best types of memories in my books, not planned or staged, just happening because the timing is right.

Every house has a story. Sketching our hands on the stairs, writing our names on the floor in the mudroom and marking the date that this house was built, was how we decided to start our story. As a homebody, I plan to create many more memorable family memories here.

I’m very nostalgic when it comes to homes. One day we won’t be around, and hopefully another young family will live here. I would love nothing more for them to find our little mark on this house. It’s our way of keeping our family story alive through these walls.

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  • Reply Donna Fletcher April 20, 2019 at 10:02 pm

    Very touching& creative. So nice to include your girls. Making wonderful memories. Love Aunt Donna.❤??

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