taylor turns three

March 24, 2017

today you are three my love. you bring something so special to each person in our family. here are just a few reasons why each of us love you.

“i love your sense of humour, the faces you make when you are a zombie, the way you start to skip before you break out into a run, your thoughtfulness towards your sister, the way you hug the stuffies in stores… i love how you ask “WHY” to everything – never stop!” -dad

“i love your strength & determination. i can’t wait to see where it takes you. you are the most stubborn person i have ever met, and as much as this drives us crazy at times, i really love this about you. at three you already know what you like and don’t like. you look up to your big sis a lot, you let her take the lead, but aren’t afraid to push back when needed. i absolutely love that you still love to cuddle me and how you warm all our hearts with your love. thank-you sweet taylor for being you.” -mom

“you’re so nice & caring & sweet & have such a big heart!” -lauren

every day is such a blessing to be with you. we love watching you grow. xo

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