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maple hot apple cider
home-made hot apple cider this time of year is a must. i'm not the biggest fan of the store bought ones as i normally find them far too sweet. so i normally make a
our 10-week recap it feels so good to be writing this post. it gives me the closure i have been craving. i'm really excited for fall and our new schedule we've been working on
i haven't been that motivated in the kitchen lately. the weather has been so warm this summer, that we've preferred spending most of our waking hours outdoors. but making popsicles is one thing we can
i thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway the week i launched cozy & kin as a way of thanking everyone for their support on this journey. as an #etsyinsider, i
in previous years, i have over scheduled our summers. our intention with summer this year will be a little different. it's the first summer where the girls are playing really well together. it has
cory took lauren to her first 'father daughter ball' this past weekend. it was a magical evening at the fairmont empress hotel, where people in our community gathered to support a local children's charity.
i'm so excited to finally be writing a post on this salad! I feel like a 'salad pusher' when it comes to this recipe. i am constantly recommending it to my friends and family. it's
i remember the very first time i made this recipe. it was three years ago and it was lauren's very first year in pre-school. we were asked by her school to bring in a
most of our holidays are filled with family, friends and gatherings. this year, we decided to start our easter long weekend off with a little escape to vancouver, just the four of us. it
i've dreamt of visiting hotel del coronado ever since i watched the movie 'some like it hot' when i was in my early 20's. there was just something about the timeless, white, wood frame