Our Home

Welcome to our Cozy Kitchen…
Gosh, this post is a long time coming… We’ve been in our home for one year now, and we jut now feel settled, and ready to share with you! Our kitchen is the heart
Kristine Lee X Etsy (The Edit)
I’m beyond thrilled to be writing this post and to be introducing you to my Edit with Etsy. For the past six months, I’ve been focused on getting settled into our new home. I’ve
Taylor’s Closet Reveal
I love decorating kids spaces. I always prioritize Lauren & Taylors room above every other room in our house. Our den is filled with boxes and we still have so much unpacking & organizing
Putting Our Mark On Our New Home
Raising a family and building a home is no small feat. We are working with an incredible team of professionals, which has been a godsend. As much as we enjoy the creative process of
An Early White Christmas
We won’t be home from Christmas, and I was actually considering not decorating our home this year. This will be our first time not spending Christmas at home. We’ve never quite felt settled in
new home, new windows!
I sometimes get really excited and passionate about random things and want to talk about every detail with my friends. Hence the reason for this post. Sometimes these things are as simple as quinoa
our thanksgiving dining room refresh
Our dining room furniture has been neglected for years! Our table, chairs and carpet were some of the first few pieces of furniture Cory and I purchased together when we moved in together. That
1930’s home: kitchen reno
buying a new home was something we had planned for for over two years… almost three years to be exact! but we never could have imagined we’d be renovating one home and designing another
our first family home
i just added a home section to this little blog. i have a feeling we’ll be needing one for the future and it wouldn’t feel right documenting our new home plans, without giving our